Page title:  Autumn Poem Pre-writing

B.  Make a FIVE column table with 15 rows (5x15)

C. Lable the heading of each column in the following order:  1. nouns to taste,  2. nouns to hear, 3. nouns to see, 4. nouns to touch, 5. events or activities

D. Consider the key things about the way you perceive AUTUMN that would fit each category!

E. Print









Autumn Poem Format

1.  Must have 10 stanzas.

2.  Must use correct spelling and    punctuation.

3.  Include at least 7 proper nouns.

4.  YELLOW is (adjective) STRONG NOUN


5. TWO line stanzas with second line indented.


************REVISION PLAN************

COLOR  is  adjective  noun   action (ing)    location  ADD proper nouns when they fit!

DO NOT use..."the taste of"    "the smell of"    

                         "the color of"    "the sound of"


AUTUMN works the SAME way!!!

ADD:  ADJECTIVE (describe)



            PEOPLE and PLACES







#1.  Map of Mediterranean must include:  Five key cities (ports), five labeled landforms (ie. Mts., rivers, islands)  colorful compass rose, map scale, full color, bold and neatly printed labels, correct spellings)

#1.5 Companion to Map: Myth Music Masterpieces!

#2  "Monster Mash"  Brochure must include:  Three colorful, neatly typed panels of information,  three illustrations, pictures or clipart.  Front Cover--Monster name and picture--correct spelling.  Inside panel--Physical description, origin, special abilities.  Third Panel--Story Summary: Most famous tale involving this monster of myth.

#3 Character Speech:  Compose a one page speech introducing yourself to the class.  This will be presented, in toga, for a speech score.  You will pick from a list of gods, goddesses and major figures in Greek or Roman history. See guideline sheet for details.

#4 News Flash/ Story Summary:  Using the writing process, draft and revise a story summary from the choices.  this will be written as if the events JUST happened and YOU are the reporter providing this information in the daily newspaper!  See guideline sheet for details.


Relatives TOPIC Sentence:

___________________ was a well-known character of Greek and Roman mythology.

Support Sentences:

______________ is related to ________________.  He/She was born______________.

The parents of the _____________________ are _________________________________.


Physical Description TOPIC Sentence:

The ____________________ of Greek mythology was always first recognized by its _______________________ and ________________________.  The artwork of ancient times usually shows the ____________________ as a ________________________________.

CONTINUE from here.........



Fairy Tale Business

Creative Writing
















Prepositional Poems: Medieval Style

Step #1:  Create a list of possible topics as you search Medieval websites from the "weblinks" section.

             a. Famous People/ General Workers/Entertainers/JOBS

             b. Places:  Villages, Castles, Cathedrals--Specific Town Names etc.

             c.  Animals Real and Legendary

Step #2: Circle your favorites!!

Step# 3: Using the "Prepositional Poem" sheet and "The Owl" as your models, begin work on your FOUR Medieval poems.

              a. EACH line begins with a DIFFERENT preposition.

              b. EACH line has a COMMA at its end.

              c. Use at least ONE adjective to build detail into each line.

              d. THE LAST line MUST use "is" or "was" to FINISH off the 


              e. POEMS MUST BE 10-12 lines long!


The Jester

The Knight

The Moat

The Tournament

The Queen

The Fox Hunt









Fall Project Possibility

Athlete Brochure

Plenty of class time is scheduled, but if your student is absent or working slowly you may want to invest in a FLASH DRIVE.  (see highlighted info below)

Grading Rubric

Click on the following to view HELPFUL models and requirements.  These are the same items that have been given and explained to students in class!

Gale Sayers Example

All Panel Requirements and Placement

Lay-out and Design Specifics


     If your son/daughter has a FLASH drive they could work at school and save it to the FLASH drive and bring the file home to continue.  A FLASH drive is about $12-14 dollars and can be found in the computer section of Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, etc.  This could be a great investment that can be used for all projects for many school years to come!


The Scrooge Party

You and two friends have been invited to a celebration honoring Ebenezer Scrooge and his promise to “keep Christmas in his heart!”


You must bring the following items to the “New Year’s Cheer” Party:

To allow variety, each guest must choose party items from the “Tic-Tac-Toe” board below.  Any THREE in a row will be allowed, BUT no diagonal combinations.


The three of you must work together to be ready in time for the party!


You must be prepared to leave behind the 21st Century blue jeans, technology, music, and fast food. Attending a party during this time period was very different from today. Prepare yourself well! The more knowledge you have, the more fun you'll have at the


Victorian  Recipe


w/ poster and info





Character “Sketch”





Victorian  Job Poster


W/ captions and pictures


Victorian  Job Poster


W/ captions and pictures




Victorian Craft


w/ presentation


Character “Sketch”





Character “Sketch”













A.     Victorian Business


    B.   Victorian Home




Victorian  Recipe


w/poster and info





Mythology Presentations


 Geographic Map of Mediterranean

 "Monster Mash"   Brochure


Character Speech


 News Flash --Story Summary  Clothing Poster


 "Monster Mash" Brochure


 "Monster Mash" Brochure


Hero Tribute--

Story Summary

 Authentic Recipe Poster

Connect Three-- horizontally or vertically--- NO DIAGONAL ROUTE!




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