The Parts of Speech Poem


Ms. Jordan's seventh graders have memorized this poem for years!

Once memorized, it is a great quick reference guide to basic definitions and examples that are helpful in understanding the eight parts of speech in our language.


Having the poem card and continuing to KNOW the whole poem can be worth extra points on quizzes and tests every once in a while!

KEEP it in mind!

The Parts of Speech Poem

                                    Nouns are names of anything,

          like pride or joy or town or ring.      


Pronouns take the place of nouns,

like he for boy and they for clowns.


Three little words with nouns we see

are the articles A, An and The.


Adjectives describe a noun.

My hat is blue. My shirt is brown.


Verbs tell the action that nouns do.

He rang the bell.  I lost my shoe.


Adverbs tell when where and how,

as "loudly," "soon," "here," and "now."


Prepositions start a phrase.

In the room --before the blaze.


Conjunctions join or separate.

I lost the fish, but saved the bait!


Interjections show excitement or emotion!

Hurray! WOW! What a commotion!

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