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NEXT Parent meeting:    Monday, June 1st  6:30 in AMS Library

Final Funds will be in and you will KNOW the final amount due for camp registration!


Bake Sales:  Volunteer Shifts

Saturday 4/18 & Sunday 4/18 @ GOASIS ---18 cheerleaders each gained $32.29

Fin, Feather & Fur---2 Bake Sales total split between 24 girls---$38.87 EACH

ONE Wal-mart sale-- April 26th---14 girls each gained-- $20

We have all the records of those who have donated and worked! Some ladies are almost completely PAID for camp!  I will have the spreadsheet at the June 1st meeting and we will know how much each still owes.  Some of you may even have camp clothes' costs partially covered by then.

CAMP CLOTHES--- I will try to see many of you at the upcoming bake sales or school to size shirts and shorts.  If I do not see you to size---we will take care of it at the June 1st meeting!



To earn a portion of Bake Sale Funds--- must work at least ONE shift and bring an item to sell OR bring at least FIVE separate items to sell when not able to work a shift!

THANKS to ALL!!!!!

Sunday,  April 26th---Wal-Mart

Saturday 5/2 & Sat. 5/9 @ Fin, Feather & Fur

Sat. May 16 & Sun. May 17 @ Wal-Mart

Sun. May 10th & Sun. May 24th @ Hawkins

11am-5pm for the May bake sales

If you have not been contacted or missed the meetings, but wish to get involved in the fundraising contact-----

Ms. Cousins


E-mail Ms. Jordan (my e-mail is linked at the side of page)



Athletic Packets:   Your daughter can pick one up from the AMS Athletic Office.  These must be filled in completely!  Although the physical is not required for camp, it is a very good idea. 


District Physical Day:  Be sure to watch for school announcements in May, as the AHS athletic office is scheduling a "physical clinic."  The date in June will be announced and if enough doctors are participating, it will be open to AMS students as well.


Camp:  Camp is June 24, 25, 26th ---This is an overnight camp at Dennison University in Granville, OH.  The entire Ashland cheer squad from 7th to 12th grade attends along with their advisors.  This is a skills based camp that helps the ladies build the needed skills for their upcoming season.

Payments:  The camp total--which includes meals--is $195 this year.  The $75 down payment is due to Ms. Jordan by Friday, April 24th.  (payment can be turned into elementary office in sealed envelope for AMS--Ms. Jordan)  This check should be made payable to AHS Cheer Parents.  The remaining $120.00 will be due by Friday, June 5th---less any fundraising monies earned!

Fundraising:  The money raised will be divided among those participating and will be applied to the camp costs.  Since the due date is June 5th, any fundraising MUST be completed and turned in by Monday, June 1st. 





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