We will create unique situations and opportunities which give students a chance to share their time and talents. Our goal is to provide positive and genuine interaction for students through games and activities.   

Each student is unique and it is those unique qualities we celebrate. 

A school that plays together stays together.


  • Students will learn how to interact on a positive basis and get to know each other. 
  • Various activities would help reduce ‘barriers’ among students, groups of students, as well as between adults and students.
  • We will help make AHS a ‘smaller school’ by increasing the amount of interaction students have with each other during the school day.
  • Students will develop leadership skills by helping develop and direct these activities.

















Come up with ideas for students to play together, celebrate, or commemorate. (It doesn't have to be a great idea- trust us!  We do this all the time!).








Unity through








Figure out the details and have fun!





How it Works...

There's a very simple flow chart to help you understand how to get started.


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