The following activities happen weekly in the Ashland High School cafeteria.




Corn Hole Tournament

          We currently have two cornhole sets from Student Council & one a student made.  The idea is for students to compete in a corn hole tournament during lunch over a 2-3 day period.  We can develop a ‘mini-corn hole’ activity that might be suitable for indoors.














Guitar Hero Tournament

        This activity is very successful. We have over 30 students compete for prizes, and they handle the activity well.  In addition, a short video was produced for students to take home, and pizza prizes were given out.  It took over 3 days to complete.





























Cup Stacking

         Cup stackingis a very simple activity for students to direct and to participate in.  Students compete in ‘cup stacking’ at a small table in the middle of the cafeteria.  Camp chairs can be used as a ‘gallery’ for an audience to watch. Cups should be made of ‘hard’ plastic, but do not have to be the official ‘cup stacking’ brand of cups. A list of rules needs to be devised, although this should be very simple to do.














Card Games, Checkers, & Chess

        The lunchroom has a supply of about 10 decks of cards.  We encourage kids to play euchre, war, or other card games during lunch.  The students also enjoy playing chess and checkers.



















AHS Photo Gallery

        We established and maintain a photo gallery of the events of Ashland High School.  There is a wide variety of opportunities to gather photos:  daily events, classroom projects, sporting events, musical performances, etc.        
































             Grab a map of your city (most of these are free from local businesses) and have students locate where they live on the map.  Simply take the map to a lunch table and have the students gather around with markers and pencils.  Have everybody mark where they live and watch as students find out that their community is more connected than they originally thought.  Students discover that people live close to them and they begin to see connections with other students that may not have been there before.

Running Games

Choose any board you like and set it up in a central location in the cafeteria.  Ask students from each lunch to participate in the same game.  So, in the first lunch begin the game and continue the same game through all lunches.  Each lunch will continue where the last left off.  Students might make one move or several, it doesn't matter.  Therefore, the entire school can play in one game.  This might work best with longer games, like Monopoly or Life. 












Dry-Erase Graffiti

Post a dry-erase board somewhere in the cafeteria.  Write a question on the board and attach a marker to the board.  Encourage students from various tables to respond to the question.  By the end of all lunch periods the board will be filled with responses.















The Lunch Bunch teaches students how to juggle during lunch.  If you would like to learn how to juggle, see Mr. Benway or Mr. Spieldenner during lunch! 

Example of the Juggling Diploma

















Click here for an online tutorial of juggling.





The AHS Student Council donated two Nintendo Wiis to the Lunch Bunch.  We currently have one set up for Wii Sports and one for Guitar Hero.  It is a blast!
























Holiday Decorating Party

Staff and students decorate cookie bags to present at the Senior Citizen Luncheon.  Music, cookies, and connections...a good time!  We have two tables of decorations in the lunchroom.  Staff and students share markers, glitter, and a few memories!


















Several students work on Lunch Bunch scrapbooks.  They catalogue all of the pictures and activities that happen weekly at AHS.  They look great and are fun to go through!  Interested in becoming a Lunch Bunch scrapbooker, see Mr.Benway or Mr.Spieldenner for the materials.














Candy Scooping

Students try to scoop as many pieces of candy as they can into a cup in 15 seconds.  However, they have to do so wearing an oven mitt and using a spoon.  Hilarious & fun!






























Foosball Tables

Be sure to play on one of the many foosball tables we have available.  Lunch Bunch now has several mini-foosball tables and one full size table!




















Lunch Bunch has guitars to play.  Mr. Benway and Mr. Spieldenner have made their own acoustic and bass guitars available for students to play.  We already have several real guitar heroes!























Extreme Jenga

Combine two Jenga sets into one giant tower!  Make this more difficult by setting up a quarter of the tower and then place a dictionary on the tower.  Finish setting up the rest of the tower on top of the dictionary!










Remote Control Cars

These are huge hit...literally.  Break them out and let them go!




Bubble Texting

Cut a piece of bubble wrap into a 2" x 4" rectangle.  Have students see who pop ALL of the bubbles first.  It's just like texting...minus the cell phone.





Set up a 1000 piece puzzle and let students work at completing it over several lunch periods throughout the week.  This is great for students who enjoy more low-key activities.




Marble Track

Build it high...across tables...over tables...












This game was developed with the help of two students, thanks Brandon and James!  It is a combination of checkers and Jenga.  The Jenga tower is built in the middle of the checker board, so as not to interfere with the checkers game.  Players must first pull a Jenga piece and then are able to move their checker token.










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