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Introduction to English Class  

These are the MAIN activities that my English students will work on all year.



Students will work for most of the year to write these four-to-eight chapter books. All students will complete one new chapter  each grading period to earn a CStudents who have contracted for an A or B on the project will complete an additional chapter each grading period.   In the fourth grading period, ALL students will also add front covers and put their books together. 

Details for the project: Autobiography (This had NOT been updated yet!)


Each day students will begin class by completing an assignment from the weekly bellwork page. 

For two days each week, the class will edit a Daily Oral Language (D.O.L.) sentence.  On one day each week students will work with sentence combining or sentence modeling exercises. On another day students will complete two analogies. 

Each Friday students will complete a D.O.L. sentence independently as a QUIZ.

Bellwork worksheets are due each Friday.  They are worth 40 points each.

Sample Bellwork page:  Bellwork

 Weekly Reading Logs

Each week students are required to read independently for at least 120 minutes.  They will keep track of their reading on a log, which is due each Tuesday.

Details for Independent Reading requirements: Reading Logs





 It is my hope that by the end of the year ALL of my students will be able  to do these things:

  improve their reading  comprehension of both fiction and non-fiction texts
  understand the terms on the list of literary terms for A.M.S
eighth graders
and use them correctly in their discussions of and written responses to the short stories and books that they read
  use the writing process to produce pieces of writing that meet both their own needs and the established criteria for English 8
  use a variety of revision strategies to strengthen their writing
  organize each written piece into an introduction, a multi-paragraph body, and a conclusion
  write catchy introductions and effective conclusions
  provide adequate support to develop their paragraphs.  (This includes writing snapshots and thoughtshots effectively.)
  eliminate sentence fragments and run-ons from their writing
  understand grammar terminology and use it correctly to discuss their writing


maintain organizational and time-management skills to be successful students.

Last updated on August 15, 2008.


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