Absences, Appointments, and Changes in Rides Home


If your child is going to be absent:

1.  Call the school before 9:00 am and inform

the secretaries that your child will be absent.

The phone number is: 419-289-7969

2.  Send in a note or doctor's excuse when your child returns to school.


If your child has an appointment:

Write a note the day of the appointment with the time that your child will

be picked up.  If this is close to lunch time, please write whether or not your

child will be eating lunch at school. Also, please let me know if your child

will be returning to school for the rest of the school day.


Changes in rides home from school:

1.  We recommend a consistent schedule for your child!  It is very confusing

both for myself and the child when there are constantly changes...not to

mention the fact that it will get messed up at some point!

2.  Write a note, call, or email me preferably before 11:30am to let

me know the change! 

3.  Rule of thumb: If we don't hear from you, your child will be going home

the "normal" routine that you specify at open house!