Classroom News:

         1) Parent Letter:

             This sheet was passed out the first week of class.  All students need to

             return full sheet by Friday, August 23.


          2) Syllabus:

             This was passed out the first week of class.  If there are any questions as to

             class rules, procedures, or expectations click on the link above.


          3) Reading Log Program:

              This document explains the requirements for reading logs this year.  Students

              are required to return the bottom portion of the sheet with a signature.  A copy

              of the reading log form can be found in the class activities section, or by clicking

              the link here.  Reading Log Form  (1/2 & 5/6 periods only). 

                        Reading Log Form (8/9 period only). 


           4) Power Indicators:

             This sheet explains our "BIG ROCKS," or main topics of study over the course of

             the year.     


            5) District Acceptable Use Policy:

              This sheet was passed out the first week of school.  Students must have a

              copy of this on file to do various activities in the computer lab. 

              Click on the link if you need a copy:



             6) Bibliography/Works Cited Web Site:

               If you need help with creating a works cited page, use this web site as a

               helpful resource: (we used this in class!)


             7) Study Island:

               This web based program will be helpful in preparing for the upcoming

               Reading Ohio Achievement Assessment.  We will begin using this in

               class after Winter Break.  Username: your name @ ams Password: Student ID

               Example: johnsmith@ams  Password: Student ID (lunch number)