welcomes you to her class website.


Thank you for visiting my teacher website. Below you will find several links to documents that have been sent home. There is also a link to the reading pages log in case a student should lose their original and need to print a new one.

Along the left side there are links to seperate pages that focus on specific areas of my language arts class.

Writing: Here you will find information about our current writing lessons. I also hope to eventually attach student samples to share.

Reading: Here you will find our current class reading assignments. You can also find more information about the book(s) the class is reading.

Projects: This page is used for student activites set up to complete in the computer lab.

Photos: I hope to keep this page up to date with current photos of student work and finished projects. I will also add field trip photos.

Email: Here you will find a link to my teacher email and other important authors.

Links: This page includes a list of links that might be helpful to students and parents.