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Troubleshooting "Your mailbox is almost full" warnings

If you have too much e-mail stored in your mailbox, you will receive an automatic message every morning that says "Your mailbox is almost full," or "Your mailbox is full."  If your mailbox is full, you will not be able to receive any more e-mail until you delete some old messages.

Currently, you will start receiving warnings if you have more than 40,960 MB (megabytes).  Your mailbox will be closed after 51,200 KB.  A typical plain-text e-mail message is about 3 KB.  If it has a couple of big pictures attached, the size jumps to around 3000 KB or more.  A message with an attachment can range anywhere from 15 KB to several thousand KB.  It all depends on the attachment.

The most common cause of this warning message is a message with a large attachment.  Check your Inbox and any other folders you have created for attachments.  To conserve space in your mailbox, open the attachment and save it to your Documents folder.  Then delete the e-mail message.

If you don't find any attachments, look around for old messages you don't need any more.  Delete everything you can.  Check in your Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items folders, as well as any folders you have created. They all count toward your limit.

How can I tell how much space a message takes up?  In Outlook Express, click on the View menu, then click on Columns.  Put a checkmark in the box next to "Size".  Then click OK.  You will now see a number next to each e-mail message telling you how much space it takes up.  Remember, your limit is 51,200 KB.

If you are still over your size limit even after cleaning out unneeded messages, click on your Inbox, and then click the “Purge” button. Repeat this for the Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items, and any other folders you have created. Clicking the Purge button will ensure that the deleted messages are in fact gone.

If you check your e-mail through the web site or Microsoft Outlook, there is one extra step you must take.  Any e-mail messages you delete through the web site go into a folder called Deleted Items.  It is necessary to empty the deleted items folder from time to time.  To do this, log in to your e-mail through the web site.  At the left side of the screen, you'll see a list of folders.  Right-click on the Deleted Items folder.  Then click on "Empty Deleted Items".

If you still receive mailbox size warnings, contact tech support for help.

How can I tell if my mailbox is back to normal?  Unfortunately, the server will not tell you once you are under your size limit again.  Wait until the next morning and see if you get another message from the System Administrator.  You can also send yourself an e-mail message and see if it comes through.