Credit Flexibility


In 2006, the Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Core Curriculum (Senate Bill 311), which directed the State Board of Education to develop a statewide plan for implementing methods for students to earn units of high school credit based on the demonstration of competency. Flexibility was provided to students and educators to successfully meet these higher expectations.  Implementation for Credit Flexibility begins with the 2010-2011 school year.

Credit Flexibility applies to any alternative coursework, assessment, or performance that demonstrates proficiency needed to be awarded equivalent graduation credit as approved in advance by the school district.  Approved credit awarded through this policy will be posted on the studentís transcript and counted as required graduation credit in the related subject area or as an elective. In accordance with the Districtís Credit Flexibility Plan, credit may be earned by:

A.     Completing coursework;

B.     Testing out of or demonstrating mastery of course content;

C.     Pursuing one or more educational options; or

D.     Any combination of the above.