Ashland High School's
Burnett Arboretum

[Photo of Burnett Arboretum]

Welcome to the Ashland High School Burnett Arboretum. It is located at Ashland High School, 1440 Kind Road, Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA.

The Burnett Arboretum is a windbreak that was planted at Ashland High School in 1978 by horticulture students under the direction of Eric Mayer. It is a classic example of the Ohio Framstead Windbreak recommended by the USDA. It was designed with the assistance of Don Coffman and the Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District. Measuring 585 feet long and about 75 feet wide, the windbreak consist of approximately 158 white pine trees, Pinus strobus, (spaced 10'x10') and a leeward row of 106 autumn olive shrubs, Elaeagnus umbellata, (spaced at 5'). The total cost of planting was $56.00; only $.16 each for both the white pine and autunm olive seedlings!

The arboretum windbreak is named in honor of Byron L. Burnett, Jr., former Social Studies teacher at AHS. Byron is a dedicated wildlife enthusiast. In 1977, Byron suggested the idea for a windbreak as an energy conservation project to reduce heating costs at Ashland High School. Eric Mayer directed the design, layout and planting. Since it's planting, the windbreak's effectiveness has saved the Ashland City Schools thousands of dollars in heating costs.

[Photo of Cathedral Forest sign]The Burnett Arboretum is home to Ashland High School's Cathedral Forest. Horticulture students have pruned the inside of the three rows of white pines to create an outdoor room effect. Ashland High School's Cathedral Forest was inspired by the giant redwoods in California's John Muir Woods and the ancient white pine and hemlock forest in the Cook Forest State Park in northwestern Pennsylvania. Our Catherdral Forest is, "Dedicated to inspiration in solitude." It has become a creative outdoor classroom where students have written both prose and poetry.

[Photo of Cathedral Forest]

The Cathedral Forest inside the Burnett Arboretum windbreak.

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