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Ashland High School
Wildlife Garden
"A landscape of plants benefiting wildlife."

Established 1989


History of the Garden

Burnett Arboretum

Site Plan

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Daniel S. Rueger
Wildlife Garden Director

AHS Hort Department

Ashland High School

National Wildlife Federation

Promoting excellence in horticulture for both students and community.

This Internet web page provides information on Ashland High School's Wildlife Garden.

Located at

Ashland High School
1440 King Road
Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA

Daniel S. Rueger,
Horticulture Instructor at Ashland High School
is director of the Wildlife Garden project.

We will be happy to answer any inquiries (darueger@ashlandcityschools.org).

(419) 289-7968 or
(419) 281-9449 FAX

We hope you enjoy our web pages
and we invite you to visit
our Wildlife Garden in the near future!

Our garden is open to the public year round.


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