Ashland High School
Horticulture Department

Tree Bark Identification

March 2005

A collection of photographs illustrating various tree barks found in Ashland County, Ohio.

All photos by Eric P. Mayer, Instructor, Ashland High School Horticulture Department, 1440 King Road, Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA.

White Oak ashy gray broken into small rectangular blocks
Red Oak shiny gray flattened ridges that have intervening darker fissures
Sugar Maple (mature) gray with hard scaly plates
Sugar Maple (young) gray, smooth to lightly furrowed
Silver Maple scaley broken into rectangular plates with narrow fissures
Red Maple irregular scaly plates.
Black Cherry nearly black, exfoliating into persistent scales with upturned edges
Cottonwood thick, ash-gray, and deeply furrowed
Hackberry corky with warty projections
Shagbark Hickory gray, breaking into long, thin plates, with a shaggy appearance
Honeylocust nearly black, broken by fissures into plates or scaly ridges, with heavy clusters of thorns
Osage-orange dark brown-orange with interlacing furrows and flat textured ridges
Sassafras thick, red-brown, and furrowed
Slippery Elm flattened ridges with interlacing furrows
White Ash closely fissured with narrow parallel ridges
Red Pine reddish-orange with scaly plates
White Pine square or rectangular blackish plates
Wintercreeper on Red Pine

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