AHS Woody Plant Collection

A pictorial index of woody plants.
This collection depicts both deciduous and evergreen woody plant species
found in the Ashland High School Wildlife Garden.

Ashland High School,
Horticulture Department
1440 King Road
Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA.

Eric P. Mayer and Daniel S. Rueger, Instructors.
All photos taken at AHS by Eric P. Mayer.

Woody plants found in the Wildlife Garden

Evergreen Trees-
Austrian Pine
Pitch Pine, 1
Pitch Pine, 2

Deciduous Trees-
Bald Cypress
Washington Hawthorn
Thornless Honeylocust
River Birch
Red Buckeye
Harry Lauder's Walking Stick
Star Magnolia Dr. Merrill

Evergreen Shrubs-
Blue Prince Holly
Gold Mop False Cypress
Japanese Garden Juniper
Mint Julep Chinese Juniper
Redosier Dogwood

Deciduous Shrubs-
Blackhaw Viburnum
Crabapple Prairiefire
Crabapple Indian Magic
Fragrant Snowball Viburnum

Deciduous Vine-
Trumpet Vine

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