AHS Memorial Garden

Ashland High School
Horticulture Department
1440 King Road
Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA

A collection of photosand videos by Eric Mayer illustrating the AHS Memorial Garden, designed and constructed by students from the Ashland High School Horticulture Department. The garden is dedicated to students tragically lost through accidents or medical difficulties. It is also an instructional example of oriental style landscaping for students, faculty, parents and community residents.

This oriental garden represents a combination of two Japanese garden styles, the Tea Garden and the classic dry-landscape Zen garden. These styles emphasize self awareness through close association with nature.

Memorial Garden Dedication Ceremony, 28 May 1999.

Newspaper articles about the Memorial Garden:
Memorial Garden story, Ashland- Times Gazette, 29 May 1999.
Memorial Garden story, Mansfield News-Journal, 29 May 1999.
Memorial Garden picture, Panorama, 28 May 1999.

The garden design contains 14 separate elements:

Stepping stones, two sets, North and South
Meditation or sitting stones , three in number
Large stone group with Amalanchier in bloom
Granite water basin with dripping bamboo fountain
Turf lawn
Dry gravel lake for raking patterns
Island in the dry lake
Topiary style evergreen on the island
Stone Bridge to the island
Japanese Snow Viewing stone lantern
Dwarf evergreen plants
Background planting of evergreens
Memorial Marker Stone with inscription.

Other photos/videos of the garden are linked below:

Snow on the lantern, Jan 21.
Fall leaf-drop on the memorial marker.
Fall leaf-drop in the water basin.
Fall color on Memorial Garden honeylocust.
Dripping fountain, new perspective.
Krista, Ashley and Roseann at the water basin.
The dripping fountain in drip. CLASSIC Photo.
Ladies and a lawn sprinkler.
A moment in the rain, the Memorial Garden.
AHS Memorial Garden, ground view, 28 April 1999.
Rear view of Memorial Garden.
Memorial Garden quiet time.
Memories... what the garden's all about.
Memorial Garden marker and water basin.
Chris on the meditation stone.
Elevated view from room 205, 4 December 1998.
Ground level view looking south, 4 December 1998.
Large stone group in winter.
Ripples in the water basin.
Island and bridge in the gravel lake
Ice in the water basin, 9 December 1998.
Memorial Garden in snow, 20 January 1999.
Snow Viewing Lantern in snow, 25 February 1999.
Memorial Marker Stone inscription.
Thawing icicle in the Memorial Garden, 5 March 1999.
Water basin in snow, 8 March 1999.
Hoar frost on the dripping fountain, 8 March 1999.
Chinese Blessings in bronze.
Circular raking pattern, 23 March 1999.
Checkered pattern in the dry lake.

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