Ashland High School
Horticulture Department

Edison/Taft Schools
Courtyard Landscape Project

Landscape Design II students are creating a design plan for the courtyards being created with the additions to Edison and Taft Elementary Schools. These pages are posted for community information. They represent student activities the two classes of Landscape Design in the Ashland High School Horticulture Department, 1440 King Road, Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA, Eric P. Mayer, Instructor.

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Information items:

Suggested design plan, by Landscape Design student Joel R. Crist.

Wooster High School Photo Archive, 25 March 1998, Landscape Design students visit courtyard gardens at Wooster High School.

Edison Photo Archive #2, 18 March 1998, Landscape Design students visit Edison site for field measurements.

Trinity Lutheran Church Photo Archive, 17 March 1998, Landscape Design students visit Trinity Lutheran Church (Ashland) courtyard gardens.

Taft Photo Archive, 11 March 1998, Landscape Design students visit Taft site.

First Presbyterian Church Photo Archive, 3 March 1998, Landscape Design students visit First Presbyterian Church (Ashland) courtyard garden.

Aerial photo of Taft School, 26 February 1998, Ashland Times-Gazette, photo by Tom E. Puskar.

Edison Photo Archive, 2 February 1998, Eric Mayer visits Edison site.

Needs Assessment, February 1998, faculty, staff and community suggestions.

This page links to a collection of information items relating to the landscape design plans for the courtyard gardens located at:

Edison Elementary School
1202 Masters Avenue
Ashland, Ohio USA


Taft Elementary School
825 Smith Road
Ashland, Ohio 44805 USA

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Updated 31 August 2001